Agricultural assets management (crops)

To obtain new and not lose existing competitive advantages agribusiness shall keep abreast of changes on technology and methods of work. The agricultural enterprise development, its profitability and the level of product quality directly depends on effective management.

High rates achieving of agricultural enterprise can be provided through high qualified specialists of the implementation agricultural project  involvement in the case. The AGRO CONSULTING GROUP Company has successful experience in management problems solving and tasks production based on a systematic approach.

We offer two options for cooperation with the agricultural companies \enterprises\ agricultural assets \ farms in the crop field:

Agricultural assets management advisory support – advice provision on a contractual basis for a  long term.

Agricultural enterprise direct management - complete transfer of business process management for a particular period, leaving the owner of the agricultural company \ agricultural assets as a business owner, his ownership and the right of income receiving.


Agricultural assets management advisory support

This type of cooperation is profitable for agricultural enterprises that:

• lost its profitability,

• obsoleted,

• require reorganization and advention of new technologies.

Our experience and capabilities will help you solve the following questions:

Cultivation optimal system selecting and implementing, based on agronomic, climatic and geographical features of the land bank. Agronomic support and involving specific agricultural technology if necessary  without equipment purchasing directly by the customer.

Seed selection, based on agronomic, climatic and geographical features of the land bank. Selection of supplier’s offers of seed taking into account discounts and unique evaluation systems. Development and implementation of cost-effective crop rotation, given the available agricultural machinery owned by agricultural companies.

Optimal agricultural machinery park selection of agricultural company, taking into account the actual state of available technology. New cultivation systems and new systems of crop rotation selection. The introduction of farming precision by using additional equipment of agricultural machinery, navigation systems and remote control.

Crop agricultural companies dependence reducing on weather conditions and optimal fertilization systems selection based on agronomic, climatic and geographical features of the land bank. Development and implementation of irrigation systems and irrigation. Development and implementation of process maps for timely implementation of field work.

Selection and implementation of storage, transportation and sale of the crop. Design and construction of storage using the latest experience of  temporary \ low-cost designs and structures. Agreements searching and support with the most favorable terms of sale of agricultural products to agribusiness.

Tax systems choosing for agribusiness optimization. Attracting many years’ experience of proper tax and accounting systems of agricultural company, optimization and selection of staff accountants and accounting.

The choice of accounting for agricultural assets and land bank. The implementaion of modern information systems for accounting and control, synchronization with accounting systems such as 1C.

Legal issues support on  agricultural assets of land bank purchase, sale or lease to avoid validity risks and legality of such agreements.


Advisory support for agricultural companies is carried out exclusively on a contractual basis.

Before you start, we propose to make a full audit of agricultural assetts \ agricultural companies. Based on the audit we establish the area that needs improvement and key results that aims a customer, which we are committed to achieve.


Agricultural enterprise direct management

Direct management service is benefited for investors and agricultural enterprise \ agribusinesses owners:

• who are new in the agricultural business,

• for which this type of business is not a profiled one and deemed not to have to concentrate a lot of time and efforts.

The advantage of this form of cooperation is taking the full responsibility for the Contractor efficiency and profitability of agricultural companies.

Our experts will provide management and implementation of new manufacturing technologies, methods and systems of agribusinesses and will assume management staff, their training and practical training, responsibility for their performance.

This type of cooperation:

• frees the customer from participating in the daily business processes,

• releases more time to make decisions together with our experts on control stages.

As a result, the customer will obtain aligned structure of the enterprise, introduced and operating efficient modern technologies, provided vector of development for a long period.


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