Agricultural services

The AGRO CONSULTING GROUP Company performs technical crops and cereal crops  sowing , fertilizing, provides harvest services.

Today outsourcing in agribusiness is widespread among agribusinesses because it allows business to focus on more profitable types of core business and reduce costs. Based on many years of successful experience the Company will attract to your work qualified specialists and apply modern technologies.

Sowing wheat, corn, soybean and sunflower services in the following technologies:

1. High-Precision (Variadic) sowing:

• optimum distance between seeds,

• precise recess control

• maximum germination in minimally treated and untreated fields terms.

STARA company seeding machine (6 meters).


2. Solid sowing with the liquid fertilizers:

• seeds distribution perequation,

• equal depth,

• optimal space filling.

JOHN DEERE company seeding machine (12 meters) for technical crops.

FLEXI COIL company seeding machine (10 meters) for cereal crops.


Liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides adding with specialized equipment

Spraying by self-propelled sprayers:

• CASE (28 meters)

• HAGIE (30 meters)


Crops harvesting

Technical crops harvesting with:

• CASE  and NEW HOLLAND combines with 6-row header,

• MASSEY FERGUSON with a 9-meter flex reaper.

Crops harvest with CASE NEW HOLLAND combines with 6-meter reaper.


Today, agricultural services are providing in the following regions:

Kyiv Oblast - Makarov, Vasylkiv, Bila Tsekrva, Skvyra, Tetiiv, Fastiv regions.

Zhytomyr Oblast - Andrushivska, Popilnya, Korostyshiv, Brusyliv, Berdichiv regions.


Find out the terms of cooperation at  +38 044 257 87 87.

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