Agricultural assets selection, search and evaluation. Purchase / sale support

Business making in agriculture needs to attract a lot of money. Agricultural assets careful selection is important when deciding to invest in agribusiness. Economically attractive asset searching can be trusted to the AGRO CONSULTING GROUP Company (ACG), who is an expert in this area and has many years of experience.

Our specialists involving will avoid hidden risks in the transaction, locate and evaluate objectively necessary agricultural assets:

• ready agribusiness;

• designated for agricultural production land;

• property for agricultural production (grain elevators, warehouses, storage facilities, hangars, garages, etc.).

Services to agricultural assets customers:

1. Parameters defining and asset selection based on the current needs and problems of the buyer.

2. Most suitable asset searching according to selected parameters.

3. Professional asset valuation (legal, financial, agro-production, engineering audit).

4. Asset purchase agreement support.


Services to agricultural assets sellers:

1. Professional asset valuation (legal, financial, agro-industrial, engineering audit).

2. A buyer of the asset searching.

3. Assets selling agreement support.


The customer will receive agricultural assets professional evaluation:

• the location and structure of the land bank, including cartography,

• Analysis of land quality and productivity of the land bank,

• techno-park and real estate objects evaluation, used for agricultural production,

• Information about legal rights to movable and immovable property,

• financial information on agricultural assets,

• The structure of the agreement and information about persons involved in it.


 In case of failure finding which effect on the agricultural assets price the additional services possible:

• tax optimization;

• agreement ad permits package development;

• Registration of ownership and lease of movable and immovable property and others.


By trusting to ACG assets search  you get:

• Professional asset selection and evaluation

• risks minimizing

• time saving.


The principles of cooperation with ACG:

• work exclusively with the seller or the buyer;

• the transaction from the beginning to its end;

• responsibility for the accuracy of information on agricultural assets;

• strict adherence to conditions of confidentiality;

• work exclusively within the contractual frames relationship and not in words.


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