Agricultural enterprises audit

The agricultural sector in Ukraine is one of the most promising and attractive for investment. And in the current economic conditions entrepreneurs understand that an objective valuation of assets should be made to determine the investments effectiveness.

Agriculture enterprises as compared to other sectors have their own specifics of doing business. The AGRO CONSULTING GROUP company have been in operation for many years of successful business experience in this area and understands all its features.

We provide audit services for enterprises in agriculture field (crops, livestock, farmings):

- Enterprise and agricultural assets complex audit

- Legal, financial, accounting, production, engineering areas partial audit

Enterprises audit is providing:

- When buying a business and in case of a joint venture creation - agricultural assets complex audit will exclude a "pig in a poke" purchasing and makes it possible to determine objectively the value of the acquired assets.

- In the current activity - audit allows the owner / investor business to evaluate objectively the current financial and economic activity and allows the head to evaluate the effectiveness of management and use of resources.

- To attract investment – enterprise reporting validation and transparency of its audit activities significantly increases the credibility level and increases the chances of the investor interest.

Complex audit customer (legal, financial, accounting, production and engineering audits) gets comprehensive information about the asset and the agreement as a whole:

• Location and structure of the land bank, including cartography.

• Information about the industrial park and real estate used for agricultural production.

• Information on land quality and productivity of the land bank.

• Legal rights on movable and immovable property.

• The structure of the transaction and persons involved in it.

• Financial information of agricultural assets.

The Company also provides services to audit farms in certain areas. The customer can get one kind of audit or choose several necessary areas depending on the current needs and goals.


Due diligence

This type of audit involves the examination of administrative and legal status of the company and legal analysis of its activities. For investors and business owners due diligence is advantageous as it prevents possible losses related to the legitimacy of transactions and keeping with the current legislation during its economic activity.

The object of legal due diligence are:

• statutory and permit documentation,

• land bank (private property, rental of private, public, collective form of ownership)

• movable and immovable property ownership,

• share ownership,

• contractual arrangements

• labor relations,

• encumbrance

• judicial history.


Financial and accounting audit

A wide range of people use the financial statements as by reference on it they make the decision as to cooperation with the enterprise and decide whether to invest in its development. The audit covers all aspects of financial and accounting activities:

• receivables and payables,

• taxation system (tax reporting, fixed agricultural tax, special regime of VAT, income tax, single social tax and other taxation systems)

• grants

• VAT returning,

• capital assets (on balance)

• out of balance property,

• rent payment,

• Analysis of tax affects as to completed agreement.


Production audit

The quality and company production activity efficiency checking and its technological "arms", resources rational use are important for agricultural enterprises. This type of audit determines whether the business is competitive in the current market environment and allows to optimize operations timely, followed by production unit prime cost and profitability of the enterprise as a whole.

Agricultural enterprise production activity audit  includes:

• land bank agrochemical analysis

• agricultural technology: History and recommendations

• yield analysis - history,

• Analysis of weed-infested land bank

• mineralization analysis - history,

• livestock technology analysis

• veterinarian livestock analysis

• agricultural products and \ or fodder storage technology analysis,

• agricultural technologies and agricultural techniques comparison.


Engineering Audit

This type of audit involves production means evaluation and helps to solve the problem of the productivity of equipment and machinery increasing, find opportunities to optimize and increase the specialized equipment efficiency and production facilities.

During the audit are analyzing:

• technical condition of self-propelled agricultural vehicles, cargo trucks, towing and other equipment

• inventory control system and the spare parts amount,

• repair base and equipment

•grain-drying equipment, cleaning, milking, forage, slaughter

• production facilities.

Our experts will help you to select the proper type of audit for your business in a particular case and provide qualified services with professionals involving according to the directions.

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