About us

The young company AGRO CONSULTING GROUP (ACG) was created by a team of professionals with years’ experience to provide quality services in the field of agriculture.

ACG is a direct manufacturer of full cycle agricultural production (grain and oil crops - corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflower) \ and provides audit  and agricultural assets management services.

The unique project of the Company is agricultural assets board that was specifically designed based on the specifics of asset evaluation in agriculture and is a handy search tool necessary for proposals in agribusiness.

Company’s mission is implementation in agriculture the farming precision and advanced technologies that meet European standards.

Activity geography now covers about 3,000 hectares of farmland in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, and growing rapidly. The general staff in 2015 was more than 50 employees. Gross profit of the company in 2014 exceeded 50 mln. UAH.

In 2016 in cooperation framework with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development the AGRO CONSULTING GROUP Company successfully completed financial audits according to the International Financial Reporting Standards. One of the world's leading organizations in the field of audit and consulting - Kreston International, international audit company (Representative in Ukraine - Kreston GCG), conducted the transformation of accounting and financial reporting and complex accounting  for  2014 and 2015 yeras.

According to the audit results the ACG has shown profitable great potential, as a rapidly growing company in the sector of agricultural production in Ukraine. In terms of loan capital total absence, by following the policy of independent and effective way to development, the ACG has provided a stable and transparent tax revenues to the local district budgets.

Undoubtedly, the ACG’s experience shows that the use of precision farming and the implementation of modern methods of work leads to exponential profitability and rapid growth, which in turn provides the potential for the development of small and medium farmers.

In 2017 the company increased its land bank, which will make further 6,000 hectares in Kiev and Zhitomir regions.

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