Terms of Servic

Terms of use of agro-group.com.ua service

 Subject of an agreement:

This agreement is public within the meaning of Articles 633 and 634 of the Civil code of Ukraine. This agreement is an agreement to provide placement of informational announcement services on the www.agro-group.com.ua web-site.

 Agro-group.com.ua announcement board places private and commercial announcements for purchase or sale of agricultural goods and services. These Terms come into effect from the moment of your consent herewith by means of your registration on agro-group.com.ua web-site.

The announcement may refer to:

  • Crop-growing farming complexes;
  • Cattle farming complexes;
  • Silos and warehouses;
  • Agricultural services—é

Announcements are displayed in all language versions of the portal.

 Advertising is carried out by means of:

-Displaying announcements  for purchase or sale;

-Displaying banners on Announcement and List of Announcements web pages.

Placement of the announcement and billing:

  1. Registration is required prior to placement of the announcement. The user receives the possibility to place announcements as private user through the voluntary registration.
  2. The user places announcements on agro-group.com.ua web-site in accordance with these Terms.
  3. The announcements are placed strictly pursuant to the Categories.  Filling in all the lines is required.
  4. Upon filling in the Categories for placement of ONE announcement, the user may opt to pay through the Privat24 service or by generating the invoice.
  5. After filling in the Categories, the user shall pay for placement of the announcement the indicated sum of money* (the sum to be indicated in the pop-up window before choosing the means of payment).
  6. After payment is confirmed the announcement will be activated and placed on the agro-group.com.ua web-site to be advertised by the administrators of the web-site during 1-3 days.
  7. ONE announcement is placed for a period of 1 month, following which it is disabled.
  8. The activation may be continued by paying for the next period of placement.


 Administration of the web-site reserves the right to use the personal data of the users for internal use. Private data is not used elsewhere and is unveiled only on demand of state agencies in the cases of absolute necessity and according to legislation in force of Ukraine.

User’s account is activated after registration or submitting the first announcement. The user gets the possibility to use the analytical monitoring of the announcement, to add and edit user’s own announcements, to receive the offers from buyers directly to the email by entering the account with the help of login and password.

Administration of agro-group.com.ua web-site is not liable for the content of the placed announcements, for the truthfulness of the information of the author of the announcement, for the good faith of the sellers and buyers, for the quality of the goods, that are sold, as well as for any possible consequences for any private person or legal entity, that may arise as a result of placement of any announcement.

Agro-group.com.ua service reserves the right to edit, delete, stop the activation of the announcement, and, if legislation in force of Ukraine is violated, to block the placement of the announcements by particular user. The payment for the announcement in this case is not reimbursed.


Each registered user of agro-group.com.ua automatically accepts the terms of this agreement upon registration.

Agreement for the  processing of personal data:

 I ( user) hereby explicitly and voluntarily agree and allow the administration of agro-group.com.ua web-site  to perform fully or partly any action  or set of actions in the informational automatic system and/or card register of personal data related to collecting, registration, accumulation, storage for indefinite period of time, adaptation, changing, updating, using, distributing including realisation and transfer, anonymization, deleting (further together to be referred to as “processing”) of all personal data, transferred by me and specified above, with the purpose of distributing the information related to activity of agro-group.com.ua web-site.


  I herewith confirm the absence of any reservations with regard to limiting the right for processing of personal data transferred by me to administration of agro-group.com.ua web-site. I herewith confirm my voluntary agreement for using such personal data by the administration of agro-group.com.ua web-site. I herewith confirm my voluntary agreement to grant the right for processing, right of access, distributing to any third parties for purposes, indicated above, for indefinite period of time without the obligation to inform me thereof. I am also aware, that I have the right to request for and/or change my personal data, that is held by administration of agro-group.com.ua web-site, as well as I am aware of my right to revoke my agreement for processing of personal data, transferred by me.

Owner of the personal data has the right:

1)      To know the location of the database of personal data, its purpose and name, location and/or place of living (residence) of the holder or of the administrator of this database or to give the instruction to get this information by the authorized agents, except for the cases, defined by law;

2)      To get the information about the terms of access to personal data, particularly information about the third parties who receive his or her personal data, that is contained in the database;

3)      To access his or her personal data, that is contained in the database;

4)      To receive no later than 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, the response with information whether his or her personal data is stored in the database; to receive the content of his or her personal data;

5)      To submit the justified claim with objections against processing his or her personal data by state agencies, municipal bodies while exercising powers, prescribed by law;

6)      To submit the justified claim to change or delete his or her personal data by any holder and administrator of this database in the event, that this data is processed unlawfully or is false;

7)      For protection of his or her personal data from unlawful processing, accidental  loss, destruction, distortion resulting from intended concealment, failure to provide information or providing information untimely; for protection from submitting information, that is false or defames the business reputation of the private person;

8)      To file petitions regarding his or her personal data to state agencies, municipal bodies, that have powers in the sphere of personal data protection;

9)      To perform the means of legal protection in the event of violation of legislation regarding personal data.


Should you need additional consultations concerning this agreement or the terms of placement of announcements, please contact us via telephone +38 044 257 87 87 or via e-mail acg2013office@gmail.com.

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