Zernova Stolitsa has developed an innovative product SMART-elevator.


Specialists of the group of companies «Zernova Stolitsa» have developed an innovative product "SMART-elevator". Its goal is total automation of technological, economic and other processes at the elevator based on the 4th level of automation (processing large amounts of data and making decisions by an automated complex), minimizing the participation of a person in making technical decisions.

This is discussed in the material Elevatorist.com.

It is noted that the hardware and software complex from «Zernova Stolitsa» is built on a modular basis. Its modules can function both independently - «SMART-individual», and as part of a unified system - «SMART-elevator».

«We can expand this system, as long as it is possible to manage all production processes - from the automated process control system to the accounting department, human resources department and security system», - emphasizes the head of the automation department Alexei Lomakin.

The component of the system is «smart equipment». It is equipped with sensors, software modules, controllers. Unique software, with a convenient, understandable WEB-interface, to which you can connect locally, via Wi-Fi, and remotely from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This requires only a Web browser.

The system allows you to track the performance of such parameters:
- the intensity of the equipment operation, the degree of wear of its main and consumable elements;
- electricity consumption;
- duration of emergency outages and their causes;
- environmental standards - control of permissible emissions into the atmosphere.

All units of «SMART individual» individually and as part of modules also perform safety functions.

In order to prevent virus attacks, the company developed a new SECURE-ELEVATOR GC system.

«We do not say that we remove the threat. Today, no one in the world is protected from cyber attacks, but we know how to solve the problem. For this we have all the tools. We decompose the information into 3 components - the hardware part; operational - the one with which we work, as well as the one that stores information in the cloud. At the time of the attack, we lose only part of the information that is recovered within 15-20 minutes», - the specialists of Grain Capital Capital explain.

In «Zernova Stolitsa», software has been developed that helps to predict grain quality at the output from the elevator or grain terminal. Calculation of qualitative indicators takes place on the basis of analysis of the data collected by the system from all sections of the elevator - laboratories, grain dryers, silos, etc.

At the moment, the grain elevator automation system is being implemented by several Ukrainian enterprises, which decided to increase the efficiency of the production process at their granaries.



Source: Latifundist

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