The Ministry of Justice made it impossible to register double land lease contracts - Sukmanova.


The Ministry of Justice introduced a mechanism for automatic data exchange between the register of property rights and the State Geodagadastre, which would make it impossible to register double land lease agreements, since the registrar simply can not physically do this.

This was reported by Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Elena Sukmanova, writes

«One of the main causes of conflicts in the agrarian sector is the existence of double land lease agreements. Situations where two tenants claim their rights to the same site and both show documents on it, unfortunately, are not uncommon», - said Elena Sukmanova.

According to her, before registering any lease of land, the registrar must make sure that the right to lease land was not registered in the Land Resources Department, where until 2013 they registered the relevant contracts.

«To check, the registrar must send a request to the State Geodetic Register and receive a response that the site is not leased, scan it and deposit it in the register. But in practice registrars either do not send a request, or do not wait for an answer, or even do not know that such a response should be provided and re-registered the lease contract for a land plot that is already leased», - the wiceminister said.

Elena Sukmanova stressed that as a consequence, two tenants appear at the same share, who often by force, with the involvement of security firms and others begin to decide who has the right to cultivate this land and harvest.

«To solve this problem, we have introduced on the technical level an automatic exchange of data between our register of property rights and the State Geodagadastre. Now the registrar can not physically complete the data entry procedure and close the section in the registry, until the data from the State Geodagadastre about the presence or absence of registration of the land plot is automatically «pulled up», - Elena Sukmanova said.

According to her, no longer need to rely on decency, law-abiding and pedantry of registrars.

«In addition, this technical innovation is the next step of the Ministry of Justice in the fight against those who seize agribusinesses. Automatic data exchange between registries will reduce the possibility for raider seizures, because double leases are often used by raiders as a tool to launch attacks on farms», - summed up Elena Sukmanova.



Source: Latifundist

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