Deputies have decided on the way of development of land decentralization.


Land decentralization in Ukraine will occur according to the deputy scenario, which involves the transfer of land outside the populated areas to all communities.

This is reported in the material

Such variant of the bill was supported by the agrarian committee at the last meeting. Deputies elected from two options: the government and their option 7118-1.

«Vice Prime Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko actively insisted that the parliament made the government's basic draft law. The document passes to the councils of only the united communities the functions of disposing of state-owned lands outside the populated areas (except for land plots under state facilities), as well as changes in the designation of land plots of private property. It is important that these land plots are not transferred to ownership. At the same time, there remained a loophole about a possible transfer to communal property, but (here attention) solely on the instructions of the chairman of the respective Regional Administration (in the best traditions of Soviet practice)», - the material says.

However, regarding the deputy bill Gennady Zubko expressed disapproval: it contains ambiguous norms that will complicate the voting process.

The participants of the meeting noted that only united communities will receive land under the government scenario. And this is not at all what Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised at the dawn of the launch of decentralization: in a bill that was bogged down by the parliament, lands outside the populated areas should have been received by all local authorities.

«It is because of the revolutionary nature of this bill that he was paused. The thinking deputies (the «parents» of the Zdorecentralization), in order to somehow preserve the face in front of the communities (where people think they would be considered in power), registered a more or less compromise bill that saved some odious norms. So there was an alternative №7118-1, which guarantees the transfer of land to all communities without exception», - writes

Now the bill supported by the deputies will be handed over to the session hall and the Rada will vote.

According to the deputy of the People's Deputy, the chairman of the agrarian parliamentary subcommittee on improving the structure of public administration in the agro-industrial complex, innovations and basic industries in the agro-industrial complex Valentin Didich, such a decision was obvious.

«Our task is to help ensure that real masters grow up in Ukraine, and the conditions of management were as honest and favorable as possible. The deputy bill does not introduce violent land «collectivization», unlike the government one. It allows territorial communities to be masters on their territory, regardless of whether it is integrated or not», - he explained.

Also, Valentin Didich noted that the adoption of a decision on a particular territory will not be limited to the outcome of the meeting. They will be submitted for consideration of territorial communities, public hearings will be practiced, state control over observance of the legislation in land issues will be introduced. Almost all the members of the agrarian committee supported the deputy bill. Perhaps, as it was said by the authors of the government document, it is really complicated, but thoughtful and serious.



Source: Latifundist

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